We offer a full range of design, construction and maintenance services throughout Sydney, ensuring that everything happens seamlessly from creation to completion and beyond.


Design begins with appreciating the client’s requirements, including creating functionality while ensuring that the aesthetics of the garden landscape are visually appealing, throughout the seasons. We will seek your input regarding objectives and preferred garden style. A landscape should create a desire within you to spend time within it, while encouraging and enticing you to utilise and enjoy the space. Using our deep understanding of landscape design principles and the natural qualities of the site, we’ll make choices together that integrate these elements and produce the right ambience for your garden.

Being the first stage of the development of a garden, the design process is critical in addressing many important issues to avoid complications in the construction phase.


In the construction phase we’ll take our collaborated ideas and make them a reality. Using the highest quality materials and plants along with sound construction techniques, our team of dedicated and experienced tradesman will create the outdoor environment of your dreams. With a well-managed and coordinated process involving a high level of attention to detail, we’ll complete the project to a high standard, on time and on budget.


All gardens whether they are newly constructed or well established benefit from regular attention and maintenance. Urban Meadows Landscaping’s highly skilled staff will implement all aspects of garden maintenance to the highest standards, regardless of your garden’s size. Maintenance requirements will vary throughout the year, depending on the time of the growing calendar and horticultural requirements. Our comprehensive maintenance programs take this into consideration and accommodate the seasonal requirements of a garden during the year.

Our work teams manage a diverse range of garden types in some of Sydney’s most desirable homes. We offer a range of maintenance services including specifically tailored programs to enhance your garden’s health and visual appeal. Maintenance programs are reviewed regularly, in keeping with your wishes and the original design concepts for the garden.